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A to Z of Bonsai
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A to Z of Bonsai Terms

Welcome to the A to Z of Bonsai.

We are compiling a worldwide A to Z of Bonsai database. The A to Z is written collaboratively by the people who use it and we would like to encourage anyone reading this page to contribute to what has become the worlds greatest encyclopedia of bonsai terms. Entries when they are made will be added to an editable list which will be checked prior to publication. Photos and images of the bonsai term can be added and links made to relevant web pages.

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Letter - 20 entries

Jade - (crassula arboresscens/ovata)

 - (Tree Type (Indoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Jade -  (crassula arboresscens/ovata) Tree Type (Indoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Jade -  (crassula arboresscens/ovata) Tree Type (Indoors)
bonsai_jade_plant_02.jpg image JADE - (CRASSULA ARBORESSCENS/OVATA) - Also known as "Money Tree". Technically not a tree but a succulent of which there are many varieties but arborescens is the most common for BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI. The "spongey" trunk bears thick, round, grey-green LEAVES which are borne in pairs at right angles to the previous pair.

WARNING : Water can be the worst enemy of the jade plant. They put out ROOTS in dry soil to find water, whereas other SPECIES only root where water is present. Never keep roots constantly wet.

 Bonsai_Jade -  (crassula arboresscens/ovata) Tree Type (Indoors) Bonsai More
Thanks to - Wikipedia for use of the image

Jade Pavillions

 - (Dealer)  
Entry for Bonsai Jade Pavillions Dealer   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Jade Pavillions Dealer
Jade_Pavilions_01.jpg image JADE PAVILLIONS - Jade Pavilions designs, builds and installs a range of unique, contemporary teahouses, pavilions, bridges and entrances with a nationwide installation service and international delivery.

Contact - Jade Pavilions, 
Unit 6 Underwood Business Park,  
Wookey Hole Road, 

Tel: 07967 640 761 or 
Fax: (44) 01749 672 362


Please note that this will be changed regularly to avoid unnecessary SPAM. Please use the reply address for your Address Book.

Thanks to - Jade Pavilions for use of the image

Japan Journeys

 - (Dealer)  
Entry for Bonsai Japan Journeys Dealer   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Japan Journeys Dealer

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bonsai dictionary
JAPAN JOURNEYS - Agent for tours of Japan - includes specialist BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI tour, amongst others.

Japanese Larch

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Japanese Larch Tree Type (Outdoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Japanese Larch Tree Type (Outdoors)

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bonsai dictionary
JAPANESE LARCH - The Japanese larch (LARIX KAEMPFERI) is a slender, upright trees with bright green, NEEDLE-like LEAVES, which turn golden in autumn before shedding in winter.


The Japanese larch is distinguishable by its red/orange new twigs which darken to almost purple in winter.

See LARCH (LARIX) for details

Bonsai Videos

Japanese Maple

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Japanese Maple Tree Type (Outdoors)  Update this bonsai term Japanese Maple Tree Type (Outdoors)

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bonsai dictionary

Bonsai Videos

Japanese Terms (List)

 - (Other)  
Entry for Bonsai Japanese Terms (List) Other  Update this bonsai term Japanese Terms (List) Other

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bonsai dictionary
JAPANESE TERMS (LIST) - Most of the mainstream terms relating to tree type, style or tree parts can be found defined individually in the appropriate section of this AtoZ.

The attached website provides a comprehensive list of Japanese terms related to BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI which also includes soME of the less common terms.

Jasmine - Winter (Jasminum nudiflorum)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Jasmine - Winter (Jasminum nudiflorum) Tree Type (Outdoors)  Update this bonsai term Jasmine - Winter (Jasminum nudiflorum) Tree Type (Outdoors)

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bonsai dictionary
JASMINE - WINTER (JASMINUM NUDIFLORUM) - Bears rich, yellow FLOWERS on leafless stems during winter, followed by profuse, narrow, green LEAVES in spring and sumMEr.

STYLE : Suitable for informal upright, slanting, semi-cascade, root-over-rock and CLUMP styles.

WARNING : Shelter from winter winds. Avoid waterlogging, especially if frost expected.

Bonsai Videos  Bonsai_Jasmine - Winter (Jasminum nudiflorum) Tree Type (Outdoors) Bonsai More

Jasmine Orange (Murraya paniculata)

 - (Tree Type (Indoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Jasmine Orange (Murraya paniculata) Tree Type (Indoors)  Update this bonsai term Jasmine Orange (Murraya paniculata) Tree Type (Indoors)

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bonsai dictionary
JASMINE ORANGE (MURRAYA PANICULATA) - Jasmine is a TROPICAL, EVERGREEN shrub with mid-green, oval LEAVES in PINNATE form and white, aromatic, bell-SHAPEd FLOWERS, which develop into orange berries. Also known as Satinwood tree because of its pale, smooth BARK.

STYLE : Suited to informal upright, slanting, semi-cacscade, twin trunk, CLUMP and group styles.

WARNING : needs minimum temperature of 17 degrees centigrade, so should only be grown indoors in temperate climate - but needs shading from hot sumMEr sun.

 Bonsai_Jasmine Orange (Murraya paniculata) Tree Type (Indoors) Bonsai More


 - (Procedure)  
Entry for Bonsai Jin Procedure  Update this bonsai term Jin Procedure
bonsai_nejikan_01.jpg   image JIN - In BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI, jin is the Japanese term that refers to a dead branch which has lost its BARK. It may also be used as a verb i.e. to jin (a branch).

In the wild, dead branches are eventually bleached white or pale grey by the eleMEnts. This occurs commonly in confers, especially JUNIPERS and pines, but less so in DECIDUOUSTREE>DECIDUOUS TREEs (oak would be an exception).

The process is replicated in bonsai by shortening branches to stubs, stripping the bark and splintering the HEARTWOOD to a naturalistic form. The jin may then be arificially bleached in order to reproduce the colour seen in nature.

Jin means "God" and is symbolic of the Supreme Being's influence on nature.

Thanks to - Scottish Bonsai Association for use of the image

Jin Pliers

 - (Tool)  
Entry for Bonsai Jin Pliers Tool  Update this bonsai term Jin Pliers Tool
bonsai_jin_pliers_01.jpg image JINPLIERS>JIN PLIERS - These specialist pliers are normally used for the forming of jin.

They (often but not always) have a "bent nose" which facilitates the gripping and tearing of BARK and wood when stripping a stub down to HEARTWOOD.

They are also useful for holding and bending the thicker gauges of wire.

Thanks to - Kaizen Bonsai for use of the image

John Milton Bonsai

 - (Blogs and Advice)  
Entry for Bonsai John Milton Bonsai Blogs and Advice   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term John Milton Bonsai Blogs and Advice

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bonsai dictionary
BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI>JOHN MILTON BONSAI - Blog of a young Englishman working as a bonsai student in Japan.

John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics

 - (Pot)  
Entry for Bonsai John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics Pot   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term John Pitt Bonsai Ceramics Pot
bonsai_john_pitt_01.gif image BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAICERAMICS>JOHN PITT BONSAI CERAMICS - Based in Derbyshire, UK - maker of high quality hand-made Bonsai and ACCENT POTs for the discerning enthusiast. Very interesting section on website on pot selection criteria. Pots can be reserved or commissions ordered. Not all pots for sale are in the online shop. Need to contact to check stock. UK delivery is free.

Contact :
•Telephone/Fax: 01283 733479
•Mobile: 07940 580634

Please contact ME if you want to commission a pot or see if I have anything suitable on the shelf


 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Ju-shin Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Ju-shin Tree Parts
bonsai_tree_apex_01.jpg  image