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A to Z of Bonsai
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A to Z of Bonsai Terms

Welcome to the A to Z of Bonsai.

We are compiling a worldwide A to Z of Bonsai database. The A to Z is written collaboratively by the people who use it and we would like to encourage anyone reading this page to contribute to what has become the worlds greatest encyclopedia of bonsai terms. Entries when they are made will be added to an editable list which will be checked prior to publication. Photos and images of the bonsai term can be added and links made to relevant web pages.

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Letter - 22 entries

Ichi no eda

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Ichi no eda Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Ichi no eda Tree Parts
bonsai_branch_structure_02.jpg image EDA>EDA>ICHI NO EDA - Japanese term denoting the lowest branch of a BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI tree. See also SACHI EDA and UKE EDA.


 - (Tree Style)  
Entry for Bonsai Ikadabuki Tree Style  Update this bonsai term Ikadabuki Tree Style

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bonsai dictionary
IKADABUKI - Japanese term for a raft style BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI. (See also Raft). This style is created by laying a tree on its side and training all the conveniently placed branches upwards and downward facing branches are removed. The trunk is then buried in the soil and eventually produces ROOTS along its length. Eventually the originally root ball of the tree can be removed once the raft is established.

Iki michi

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Iki michi Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Iki michi Tree Parts
bonsai_nejikan_01.jpg image IKI MICHI - Japanese term for the live part of the tree trunk. OfTEN seen on juniper where the red BARK contrasts vividly with the pale SHARI.


 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Ilicifolius Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Ilicifolius Tree Parts

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bonsai dictionary


 - (Tree Style)  
Entry for Bonsai Imperial Tree Style  Update this bonsai term Imperial Tree Style

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bonsai dictionary
IMPERIAL - Tree size categorisation generally between 152 and 203 cms tall.  Also terMEd "8 Handed" in Japan signifying that it would take 8 men to lift the pot.

Incised (leaf)

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Incised (leaf) Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Incised (leaf) Tree Parts

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bonsai dictionary
INCISED (LEAF) - Describes a leaf SHAPE which is deeply and/or irregularly toothed. JAPANESE MAPLEs are notable examples.


Indigenous Trees (Scotland)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Indigenous Trees (Scotland) Tree Type (Outdoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Indigenous Trees (Scotland) Tree Type (Outdoors)
ScotsPine_Bonsai_Tree_Winners.jpg image INDIGENOUS TREES (SCOTLAND) - The least difficult of trees to grow are indigenous trees i.e. those that grow naturally around us in the countryside and are used to our climatic fluctuations.

A great example is Pine - Scots (Pinus sylvestris) which is a super but often overlooked tree for BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI since it grows predominantly in the north of the UK i.e. Scotland. Another example is FIELD MAPLE (ACER CAMPESTRE) which although widespread in Southern England is predominantly found as bushes and only in the South of Scotland.

The attached web link leads to a web site by the Scottish GovernMEnt which outlines most of Scottish indigenous trees.

Bonsai Videos

Indigenous Trees (UK)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Indigenous Trees (UK) Tree Type (Outdoors)   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Indigenous Trees (UK) Tree Type (Outdoors)
Gardening_Scotland_Bonsai_Winners_2012_171_Larch.jpg image INDIGENOUS TREES (UK) - It is widely accepted that ‘native’ trees and shrubs are those SPECIES that have occurred naturally in the UK since the last Ice Age.

More recent introductions that have established themselves in the wild since the last Ice Age are referred to as ‘naturalised’ or ‘archeophytes’.

The linked RHS web site lists both the Indigenous and Naturalised trees, bushes and shrubs found wild in the UK.

Bonsai Videos

Indoor trees

 - (Tree Type (Indoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Indoor trees Tree Type (Indoors)  Update this bonsai term Indoor trees Tree Type (Indoors)

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bonsai dictionary
INDOOR TREES - Generally refers to trees originating from TROPICAL or sub-tropical areas which MEans that, in a temperate climate, they will need to be kept in a controlled environment (house/greenhouse/conservatory) for at least part of the year, in order to protect them from frost, to which they are prticularly vulnerable.

Informal upright style

 - (Tree Style)  
Entry for Bonsai Informal upright style Tree Style  Update this bonsai term Informal upright style Tree Style

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bonsai dictionary
INFORMAL UPRIGHT STYLE - With a gently curving upright trunk and the APEX positioned over the root base. In Japanese : MOYOGI.

Ingleby Foundation Bonsai Nursey

 - (Dealer)  
Entry for Bonsai Ingleby Foundation Bonsai Nursey Dealer   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Ingleby Foundation Bonsai Nursey Dealer
bonsai_ingleby_nursery_01.jpg image BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAINURSEY>INGLEBY FOUNDATION BONSAI NURSEY - The Foundation works in the voluntary sector support concentrating on inequalities and gaps in service provision thus facilitating a rational choice of support tailored to the communities and individuals need.

Ingleby Foundation Bonsai Nursery is one of the projects specialising in producing trees grown specifically for training as bonsai, and work hard to create starter material with a lot of character and potential. They also produce a large number of field grown trees, with exCELLent trunks and potential to becoME very good specimen trees. Currently they stock containerised field grown JAPANESE MAPLEs, JAPANESE LARCH, Blauws Juniper amongst many others.

Contact - Dave Cheshire.
Ingleby Foundation,
Waggestaff Drive,
CV10 9SL



 - (Other)  
Entry for Bonsai Inorganic Other  Update this bonsai term Inorganic Other

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bonsai dictionary
INORGANIC - Applies to any chemical compound which does not contain carbon, In horticulture it is used to describe fertilizers which are artificially manufactured.


 - (Procedure)  
Entry for Bonsai Inosculation Procedure   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Inosculation Procedure
bonsai-beech_tree_trunk_inosculation.jpg image