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We would really appreciate some feedback on our web site and in particular on the A to Z of Bonsai Terms. We have come up with the ideas for the A to Z ourselves and would like to develop it further so would appreciate hearing from some of our viewers. Does the A to Z help you find what you are looking for, does there need to be more (or less) links content and photos for each item etc. Hey, if we get some nice comments we may publish them.


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Why not come along to one of our meetings near you in any case? The meetings are informal amd most folk bring along a bonsai tree to work on, so if you have a bonsai tree and you need some advice then just come along and see us. Even if you don't bring along a bonsai tree we will be pleased to see you and you can find out more about what we do, and get a cup of coffee. Click on the Area Groups link to find out the dates and times of your nearest meeting.





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Ishizuke, Ishitsuki, Ishitzuki
Rock garden style characterised by entire tree planted on a rock but with no soil in the pot. Water or sand ofetn in the base of the pot.

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Gardening Scotland

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A to Z of Bonsai
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