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A to Z of Bonsai
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A to Z of Bonsai Terms

Welcome to the A to Z of Bonsai.

We are compiling a worldwide A to Z of Bonsai database. The A to Z is written collaboratively by the people who use it and we would like to encourage anyone reading this page to contribute to what has become the worlds greatest encyclopedia of bonsai terms. Entries when they are made will be added to an editable list which will be checked prior to publication. Photos and images of the bonsai term can be added and links made to relevant web pages.

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Letter - 42 entries

Falcate (leaf)

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Falcate (leaf) Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Falcate (leaf) Tree Parts

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bonsai dictionary
FALCATE (LEAF) - Refers to a leaf which is crescent or sickle SHAPEd, the curve being sideways.

Fallen cone style

 - (Tree Style)  
Entry for Bonsai Fallen cone style Tree Style  Update this bonsai term Fallen cone style Tree Style

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bonsai dictionary
CONESTYLE>FALLEN CONE STYLE - With hundreds of sprouts  growing from one vicinity. In Japanese : Yama-yori.


 - (Other)  
Entry for Bonsai Fastigiate Other  Update this bonsai term Fastigiate Other

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bonsai dictionary
FASTIGIATE - Tree with erect branches set closely together (e.g. a Poplar)


 - (Other)  
Entry for Bonsai Fastigiatus Other  Update this bonsai term Fastigiatus Other

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bonsai dictionary
FASTIGIATUS - Branches erect and close together at ACUTE angle to the trunk e.g. hedging yew.


 - (Procedure)  
Entry for Bonsai Feathering Procedure  Update this bonsai term Feathering Procedure

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bonsai dictionary
FEATHERING - A process by which young saplings are allowed to retain their lower branches for a few years in order to thicken and strengthen the trunk. These branches are then removed in stages first CUTTING>CUTTING back the lowest in half, then in the following year removing them completely and cutting back the next lowest by half. This process is rePEATed until the clean trunk reaches the required height and GIRTH.

Feeder Roots

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Feeder Roots Tree Parts   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Feeder Roots Tree Parts
Bonsai-Feeder-Roots.jpg image Feeder ROOTS - Those finer parts of the roots which collect the nutriets from the potting MEdium. Normally the fine roots at the ends of the thicker roots.

Part of the technique used in BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI is to encourage the growth of fine FEEDER ROOTS closer to the main TRUNK OF THE TREE. This is achieved by CUTTING>CUTTING back some of the main roots to stimulate new growth closer to the main trunk and may take place piecemeal over a number of REPOTTING sessions aCROSS a number of years..

Some planning and care must be taken in PRUNING>ROOT PRUNING to achieve the desired effect since the NEBARI of the bonsai tree is also a major consideration, and the main roots are also used naturally as support and anchorage for the tree.

Thanks to - Kenny Middleton for use of the image


 - (Dealer)  
Entry for Bonsai Fernatix Dealer   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Fernatix Dealer

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bonsai dictionary
FERNATIX - Supplier of miniature ferns suitable for accent or under planting.  Sell by mail order but not on-line.

Write : Fernatix,
Stoke Ash,


Fertilizer - liquid

 - (Fertiliser)  
Entry for Bonsai Fertilizer - liquid Fertiliser   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Fertilizer - liquid Fertiliser

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bonsai dictionary
FERTILIZER - LIQUID - Acts more quickly than solids but heavy rain can FLUSH it through the soil quite quickly, so not giving the plant tiME to absorb the nutrients.

Fertilizer - Solid

 - (Fertiliser)  
Entry for Bonsai Fertilizer - Solid Fertiliser   WWW Link  Update this bonsai term Fertilizer - Solid Fertiliser
bonsai_biogold_01.jpg image FERTILIZER - SOLID - Sold in powder, granule or block/cake form.

Applied to the surface they provide a gradual feed each tiME it rains and their visibility on the surface helps decide when a new application is necessary.

In order not to detract from the tree image or be eaten by birds, these fertilizers can be housed in specifically designed FERTILIZER BASKETS.

Bonsai Videos

Fertilizer baskets

 - (Tool)  
Entry for Bonsai Fertilizer baskets Tool  Update this bonsai term Fertilizer baskets Tool
bonsai_fertilizer_baskets_01.jpg image FERTILIZER BASKETS - Used to enclose solid fertilizer in order to prevent disturbance by birds.

Each tiME the tree is watered a portion of the fertlizer is washed through the soil.

There a number of designs : some (as illlustrated) are placed over the top of the solid fertilizer and some have lids on top and spikes on the bottom so that the fertilizer is self-contained while the spike keeps the basket firmly positioned in the soil.

Thanks to - Green Dragon for use of the image

Fibrous root

 - (Tree Parts)  
Entry for Bonsai Fibrous root Tree Parts  Update this bonsai term Fibrous root Tree Parts

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bonsai dictionary
FIBROUS ROOT - A root system which contains many thin ROOTS as opposed to a single tap root.

Field Maple (Acer Campestre)

 - (Tree Type (Outdoors))  
Entry for Bonsai Field Maple (Acer Campestre) Tree Type (Outdoors)  Update this bonsai term Field Maple (Acer Campestre) Tree Type (Outdoors)
Bonsai_Acer_Campestre_20151.jpg image FIELD MAPLE (ACER CAMPESTRE) - Small maple VARIETY native to Europe with fresh green, three lobed LEAVES in spring changing to bright yellow in autumn.

STYLE : Upright tree suitable for most styles except literati and are good for shohin sized speciMEns.

WARNING : Needs protection from scorching by exposure to the hottest summer sun. Also, small specimens require frost protection in winter.

Bonsai Videos  Bonsai_Field Maple (Acer Campestre) Tree Type (Outdoors) Bonsai More

Fife Bonsai Society

 - (Club or Group)  
Entry for Bonsai Fife Bonsai Society Club or Group  Update this bonsai term Fife Bonsai Society Club or Group
cupar.jpg image