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Membership Sales Taster

These are a few of the items available to SBA members through our online Membership Sales page. These items are for sale by the membership to members only, allowing SBA members to sell on those no longer required bonsai items.

You can join the SBA to take advantage of these and other member offers. Simply join online now at the bottom of this page.

Members can click here to view all sales items.

£Squamata Meyeri

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£Squamata Meyeri
This variety make great bonsai and can withstand the Scottish climate. This tree is about 600mm tall and ready for basic styling and development.

SBA Logo Tops

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SBA Logo Tops
Polo shirts (£9)and T shirts (£6) available in a number of colours complete with SBA logo. Your club name can also be embroidered underneath if you wish. Send your order including size, colour and which (if any) club logo you wish to be added. Shirts will be sent to via your Convener.

Aluminium Wire (Proceeds to National Collection)

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Aluminium Wire (Proceeds to National Collection)
500g rolls of aluminium wire in the following sizes: 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm 3.5mm 4.0mm 5.0mm ALL proceeds go to the National Collection for maintenance and towards the potential purchase of a poly tunnel to allow working all the year round. Sales money goes to a great cause. Email me with requirements - can get sent to monthly convenor meetings for your convenor to pick up, but will also have on sale at national Exhibition, Gardening Scotland and West Lothian Club nights. Can also be collected from my home in West Calder.Don't leave it till your last 6 inches of wire - check out your stock and order now.

Bonsai Group Planting Stone

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Bonsai Group Planting Stone
A unique opportunity to own a priceless piece of natural slate stone. 37 inches wide by 37 inches tall and 3/8ths of an inch thick at the thinnest point. Tremendously strong for its weight this stone was quarried from Skara Brae on Orkney and has been driven over on my driveway for the past ten years and naturally delaminated due to freezing temperatures. Many more sizes and shapes are available. May also be used as simple display slabs. Buyer collects.


If you have one that you
would like to dispose of
then get in touch.
Old Pots
I have recently agreed to do some work with the Strathbrock Partnership in Broxburn West Lothian running a bonsai class for people with some psychological difficulties. I am looking for some old pots to grow on some larch and pine seedlings. If you have any then get in touch.

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