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Pall Walter (web page)

 Pall Walter (web page) - (Blogs and Advice)

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bonsai_walter_pall_website_01.jpg image PALL WALTER (WEB PAGE) - Walter Pall is known worldwide for the quality of his BONSAI>BONSAI>BONSAI creations. He has received several dozens national and international awards for his beautiful, dramatic bonsai. He has won the most prestigious Crespi Cup Award of Italy for his well known Rocky Mountain Juniper, and has coME in among the top six, every time he has entered. He has also won second and third and other places places in the Gingko Cup Awards of the Belgium bonsai competition held every two years. Walter often is called a walking encyclopedia on bonsai and he shares his knowledge freely. Walter also loves to lead workshops where he sets the main focus on teaching the artistic side of bonsai. In the past years Walter has also established himself as the key moderator for international bonsai conventions. A specialty of Walter are his tree critiques which he calls 'tree inspiration'.
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